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Chapter 17.1 Assignment
Read Chapter 17.1 Reaction Rates and Equilibrium
Write down key terms and its definitions.
Answer Active Reading Questions (pg 631, 637).
Draw Figure 17.2 on page 631.
What are the four Factors that Affect Reaction Rates?
Answer Section 17.1 Review Questions pg 639 #1-7
answers to Gas Laws 2 worksheet
answers in random order: 50.0, 426, 5.30, 250, 1.14, 317, 1.22, 537, 2.31, 544, 275, 180
Bonus Article reading

In one page, include the following:
Title and writer

1 paragraph summarizing main points of article.

1 paragraph describing how chemistry relates to the article. Describe science terms used.

What was the most interesting fact you learned from the article?
Discussion Topics
No "Homework" exist(s)

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